| Yasmeen Ludy | WXMI |

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Election day is Tuesday, November 7, and people in Kalamazoo will get the chance to decide whether they want to rank certain candidates for future elections or stick to the process they know.

Voters in Ann Arbor and Ferndale have already supported this method. Next Tuesday, voters in Kalamazoo, East Lansing and Royal Oak will also have their chance to approve or deny the initiative.

Enable other, different voices

“We believe that ranked choice voting will enable other, different voices to be heard. Candidates can qualify to be on the ballot without the backing of a large political organization backing them up,” Rank MI Vote Kalamazoo Volunteer Coordinator Christina Dorett explained.

Dorett says if the proposal continues to be approved in cities across the state, it could apply pressure to state lawmakers.

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