| John Schussler | Tallahassee Democrat |

From 2017 to 2022, several Florida cities wanted to use ranked choice voting for local elections so Floridians could gain experience and confidence in this voting system, but the state government delayed its implementation. Then in 2022, the Florida Legislature created Statute 101.019, prohibiting the use of RCV for local, state, and federal elections in Florida.

Momentum is building

In 2020, a ballot initiative for top-two open primary elections garnered 57% of the popular vote, just short of the 60% required for adoption. Rank My Vote Florida is supporting the combination of a top-five open primary elections with RCV being used in the general election. National and local organizations are supporting similar efforts in six states for 2024. The momentum behind election reforms is building. We need to get our elected officials aligned with voter’s needs.

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