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A bill has been filed that would allow ranked-choice, also known as preferential voting in Texas.

Austin state representative Vicki Goodwin says House Bill 259 would apply to non-partisan elections only. “Austin just had an election for mayor and city council members. We had a runoff election and that cost a million dollars just for the runoff and turnout was 15%.”

…we’re interested in holding our elections this way.

Goodwin says Austin voters passed ranked-choice voting in 2021, but it wasn’t used due to concern Texas doesn’t allow it.

Goodwin says, “By doing it non-partisan races to begin with, maybe people would be more willing. We also are narrowing it to cities that have it in their charter. In other words, the city has already said we’re interested in holding our elections this way.”

14 states this year will consider bills allowing for ranked choice voting.

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