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ILLINOIS — As Evanston voters head to the polls, it’s not just a ballot of candidates they will be choosing from. Voters will be asked to vote on a referendum that could change the way they vote in future municipal elections.

It’s great for voters…

“Rank Choice Voting can make our politics more democratic and less divisive,” said Alisa Kaplan, Reform for Illinois executive director. “It’s great for voters because they can choose more than one candidate.”

“We did a study of a New York experiment. It absolutely led to the most diverse council in the history and also the election of the second Black mayor of the City of New York,” said David Greising, the Better Government Association president.

Ranked choice voting is becoming more popular. It has been implemented in Maine, Alaska and in over 55 municipalities nationwide. Evanston would become the first in Illinois.

If the referendum passes, Rank Choice Voting will not take effect until Evanston’s next municipal election which is April 2025.

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