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The bipartisan proposal wouldn’t end runoffs in statewide elections in Georgia, the only state in the nation that requires runoffs after both primary and general elections in which no candidate wins a majority. State legislators have also discussed other ways to eliminate runoffs , such as deciding the winner of general elections based on a plurality as long as the top candidate wins at least 45% of the vote. But no bills have been proposed so far to move forward with that idea.

Several cities have proposed ranked-choice voting for municipal elections…

About 58% of Georgia voters supported eliminating runoffs after general elections, making the candidate who receives the most votes the winner, according to a poll last month by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Several cities have proposed ranked-choice voting for municipal elections, including Atlanta and Woodstock, Gullett said.

Georgia already uses ranked-choice voting, also known as instant runoffs, for members of the military and overseas voters, according to the state’s election law passed in 2021.

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