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Center City resident Russell Richie is one of a growing number of people advocating for a type of reform he thinks could’ve been particularly helpful in this race: ranked-choice voting.

See what the impact would be

“I had been aware of ranked-choice voting for a long time, but it really came home for me when we had so many candidates for mayor,” Richie, a volunteer for the statewide group March on Harrisburg, told Billy Penn. “What is very likely to happen is that someone wins with like, 20%, 25%, maybe 30% of the vote.”

The first public, independent poll of the race, conducted by Committee of Seventy, will give respondents a chance to rank the candidates, so Philadelphians can “see what the impact would be if Pennsylvania instituted ranked-choice voting,” per a press release.

One of Seventy’s partners on the poll is FairVote, a nonpartisan organization that calls itself the “national driving force behind advancing ranked choice voting and proportional RCV in legislative districts.”

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