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Ginnie Graham wrote, “we need people to stand up to the extreme ends of the political spectrum. We need to find balance ( “Political middle must help America find its backbone,” May 25).”

Well, balance is right here under our noses, and if changed, it will allow competent politicians to once again represent us instead of the corporations.

Oklahomans can do this

In the primary elections, we have a limited choice, basically between candidates from the two parties, and then us deciding between the lesser of the two evils.

But what if we had six competent and qualified candidates plus the two candidates from the major parties?

For this change to happen, it just takes 195,000 voters that are unhappy with current restricted methods to sign the referendum to eliminate all Oklahoma voting rules and replace them with a system designed around ranked choice voting.

The state of Alaska just completed this change; Maine will be next.

Oklahomans can do this, and to start, we need newspapers, prominent leaders and legal minds to lead the discussion and define a ranked choice voting system and prepare the referendum for signatures.

We are all frustrated. Getting the necessary signatures will be easy, with so many of us ready for change.

Graham also wrote that if nothing changes, then nothing will change. She is so right.

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