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On Tuesday, proponents and opponents of the ballot initiative known as the Make All Votes Count Act of 2024 converged on the DCBOE office in Southeast to weigh in on the question of its suitability.

If included on the 2024 ballot and approved by voters, the Make All Votes Count Act of 2024 would implement ranked-choice voting and allow non-party affiliated voters to participate in primary elections for the party of their choice.

I shouldn’t have to subscribe to a party

An open primary system would affect 86,000 voters who are currently unable to participate in party primaries for public office because of their independent status.

The discussion on Tuesday featured more than two dozen voices, most of whom supported the Make All Votes Count Act of 2024, and some of whom weighed in without initially reserving a slot.

For some people like Lisa D.T. Rice, however, the exclusion of independent voters and what she described as the continuous marginalization of D.C. residents posed a greater danger to democracy and human rights.

“I shouldn’t have to subscribe to a party,” Rice said. “If each of the parties were funding their own primary, they could cut me out, but we should be able to vote in them. We want to hold politicians accountable.”

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