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AUSTIN, Texas – A state representative from Austin is looking to transform the way local elections are held, calling to shift to a growing process called ranked-choice voting.

In ranked-choice voting instead of voting for one person in a particular race, you rank the candidates according to your preference.

Closer to a more perfect democracy

State representative Carl Sherman implemented ranked-choice voting for the election of committee, board and commission members during his time as mayor of DeSoto.

“I think what Representative Goodwin filed is a thoughtful bill that gets us closer to a more perfect democracy,” said Sherman.

Goodwin hopes her proposal gets to the floor for a vote.

“If we start with our municipal elections people may see how it works and realize it has a lot of benefits,” she said.

Another state representative has filed a bill that would let active military members out on deployment to vote by ranked choice.

Military members often don’t get a chance to cast a second ballot if and when there is a run-off.

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