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As a first generation immigrant and as a woman, I am deeply familiar with the importance of being able to choose. I am grateful to have lived in a state and country where this right is celebrated. I feel it is my responsibility to find and support innovations that allow our system of governance to not only endure but to thrive.

Ranked-choice voting is the tungsten filament that will allow the bulb of our democracy to burn a little brighter.

Democracies are not a given

This bipartisan tool, being adopted all across the country, allows voters to rise above the lesser of two evils and elect the leaders they are actually passionate about. Ranking eliminates wasted votes when candidates drop out and allows for a true majority to emerge so that our democracy will no longer fall victim to numeric technicalities.

With another presidential election and contentious primaries not far off, we need to take steps now to strengthen our system and prevent a further breakdown of trust. It’s become fairly self-evident that democracies are not a given.

The Washington state House or Representatives is considering House Bill 1592 right now to make ranked-choice voting part of our elections. Make your support known today

Gia Kaur


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