| Rob Richie, Stan Lockhart | Las Vegas Sun |

Ranked choice voting (RCV) is having its biggest year ever. It’s growing in red, blue and purple states. It’s a nonpartisan reform that gives voters more choice and more voice and gives candidates incentives to run better campaigns.

RCV is simple and popular with voters…

Everywhere RCV is used, voters like and understand it — including the 85% of Alaska voters who found it “simple” and 88% of Utah voters (where RCV is used in 23 cities) who said they’re “satisfied” with RCV. A study of GOP primaries with RCV in Virginia this spring found it resulted in nominees better positioned to bring the party together.

Overall, RCV is simple and popular with voters and leads to better and more representative candidates and winners. It’s no experiment — now in 55 cities, counties and states, it’s worked time and again. There are sensible reasons that ranked-choice voting may soon be coming to your state and local elections.

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