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After failing to pass a similar bill last legislative session, state senators are once again looking to pass a bill that would require ranked choice voting for presidential primary elections.

Friday afternoon, lawmakers heard testimony on how a different system could benefit Vermonters.

Your ballot won’t be wasted

“In presidential primaries with crowded fields, a lot of times throughout the process state by state by state, some candidates end their campaign and drop out,” said Josh Daniels, former county clerk/auditor for Utah County, Utah.

With the recent rise in mail-in ballots, there’s a concern many voters’ ballots become essentially wasted if a candidate decides to end their campaign.

“Sometimes the votes get wasted, especially in the use of mail-in ballots. In this case, by being able to rank multiple preferences, your ballot won’t be wasted, so if that person you originally voted for is out, just move to your second or third choice,” said Terrance Carroll, the former speaker of the house for the Colorado Legislature.

Josh Daniels helped implement a similar system in Utah and said their residents appreciate being able to have options when it comes to candidates.

“In the nonpartisan races, also in primaries, I think voters really like it. It gives them the opportunity to pick between candidates in a way that’s not binary,” said Daniels.

Vermont lawmakers are hopeful the new system would be ready to go by the 2024 primaries.

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